Most Wanted
Most Wanted is the fourth album and first compilation album by American pop singer Hilary Duff, released in North America on August 16, 2005. It comprises some of her previous songs, remixes, and new tracks co-written and co-produced by Joel Madden, lead vocalist for Good Charlotte and Duff's current boyfriend as of July 2005. Joel's brother Benji contributed to the album, as did Goldfinger's John Feldmann. Duff said on the music video show Total Request Live that Most Wanted was not meant to be a greatest hits album, but that her label had told her that it was time to release another album.

It is available in both standard and bonus versions. The standard version includes her famous hits, and three new songs. The bonus version, also known as the Signature Edition or Collector's Edition, includes four new songs, bonus packaging, and bonus material. The standard edition features a hidden track, a remix of 'I Am'. 'The Getaway', 'Mr. James Dean' and 'Fly' were taken from Hilary Duff (2004), while 'So Yesterday' and 'Metamorphosis' originated from Duff's debut album Metamorphosis (2003). 'Girl Can Rock' and 'Our Lips Are Sealed' were not included on any of Duff's previous album releases, though the former was included on two renewed Metamorphosis CDs.

Tracklisting (Standard version)
1. Wake Up
2. The Getaway
3. Beat of My Heart
4. Come Clean (remix 2005)
5. Mr. James Dean
6. So Yesterday
7. Metamorphosis
8. Rock This World (remix 2005)
9. Break My Heart
10. Fly
11. Girl Can Rock
12. Our Lips Are Sealed featuring Haylie Duff
13. Why Not (remix 2005)
14. I Am (remix 2005) (Hidden track)

Tracklisting (Collector's Signature Edition)
1. Wake Up
2. The Getaway
3. Beat of My Heart
4. Come Clean (remix 2005)
5. Who's That Girl (acoustic version)
6. Mr. James Dean
7. So Yesterday
8. Metamorphosis
9. Rock This World (remix 2005)
10. Break My Heart
11. Jericho (remix 2005)
12. Fly
13. Supergirl
14. Party Up (remix 2005)
15. Girl Can Rock
16. Our Lips Are Sealed (featuring Haylie Duff)
17. Why Not (remix 2005)

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